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According to the foundations of the reformation of the educational system, vocational training should be limited, leaving space to raising the education demands to the secondary level, which will enable less troublesome employment. For this reason The Centre of Secondary and Vocational Schools has been set up, incorporating the secondary general school and the secondary school of commerce.
The main objective our school is education and formation of an adolescent to perform well in social, professional and personal areas. Student's good, his fitness for the new social and economical realities makes the school operate at many levels. It is being done by:
          Improvement of the housing conditions, didactic equipment together with computer software and hardware
          Raising the teaching skills level by self-improvement, courses, postgraduate studies
          Improvement of the didactic system by implementation of gained skills in practice
          Paying special attention to tutorial and tutelary programme, which is concentrated on integration of students and trainees attending their classes in our school.
          Inviting parents, trainers, workshops and local authorities responsible for education to the above activities
In the school year 2002/2003 the new profiled secondary school will start gathering "gimnazjum" graduates from Mosina and surrounding area.

Zespół Szkół im. Adama Wodziczki w Mosinie

62-050 Mosina, ul. Topolowa 2, tel. 61-81-32-922, e-mail: zsmosina

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